Instl - A zero setup installer for your GitHub projects

Instl is an installation script generator for GitHub projects. It does not need any setup, and can be used to install most GitHub projects on Linux, macOS and Windows.

You can easily add installation commands to your project README - they just work!.

Key Features

  • ðŸ’ŧ Cross-Platform: Works on Windows, macOS and Linux out of the box

  • ðŸ§ļ One-Click Installs: Install any GitHub project with just a single command

  • ðŸŠķ Web-Based: No need to install Instl - scripts are generated server-side

  • ⚙ïļ Intelligent Configuration: Instl adapts to the project's structure

  • 🕊ïļ On the fly: Installer scripts are created in real-time for each project

  • 📊 Track Your Installs: Installation metrics for your projects at your fingertips

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